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By Jules Brooke
Jules Brooke interviews female founders and women in business. A warm, inviting deep dive into why women have started their own businesses, what motivated them and what they have learned along the way.

“I love chatting with other female founders. I love it on the Ticker TV show, I love it in real life, and I especially love it on the podcast. The women in these interviews are truly inspiring. They have all achieved a level of success, some more than others, but they all have big hearts and lots of drive. Women rule, as far as I’m concerned, and I’m a big fan of lifting women up and showcasing what they are doing. I really hope you enjoy these episodes.”

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Episode One

Louise Mahler – International Keynote Speaker

Rachel Service

Louise Mahler is an absolute joy to chat with! An internationally renowned speaker and executive coach, she is also very funny and has loads of stories to tell. From growing up in the suburbs of Brisbane, Louise headed off to Europe and sang in operas from Vienna to Stuttgart and everywhere in between. And then she realized she had had enough and returned to Australia, a young divorcee with a small baby in tow. 

This led her to find a ‘proper’ job, so she worked with a big mining company in ‘Quality Control’ for a few years before leaving to focus on helping leaders have a voice of influence and a charismatic presence. “It’s all about communication,” she says. Louise has a career many Australians would envy, starting with free talks and working her way up to being able to command a fee of $US35,000 for a one-hour talk in a US stadium. And yet she is still down-to-earth, generous, and humorous with her stories. One to listen to!

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What other women think of She’s The Boss

“Jules is a great advocate, champion and connector of women in business. Not only does she get to the juicy details – the highs and the lows of women in business- but she is so relaxed that you naturally want to share your journey.”
Pinky Mackay

Founder of Boobie Biccies

“As a female entrepreneur myself, Jules is a woman who I admire and aspire to be like. She is a bloody legend and I love her!”
Lauren Kress

The Business Scientist®

“Jules has a gift for being able to see your strengths and spirit and bring them to light. She has the unique ability to see that every person has a story, and a story worth celebrating. After my time with Jules my ‘I am not enough’ complex was given a holiday!”
Summer Gwynn

Founder of Summer Breeze