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Friday Online Lunches (fortnightly)


Friday Online Lunches

Become part of a group of influential, supportive, smart women that are disrupting their industries, innovating and thinking BIG! We really do want to make a difference in the world.

Online Learning Table (monthly)

Rachel Service
Wednesday, 8 June 2022 | 12:00PM – 1:30PM

JJ Ferrari

Joanna (JJ) Ferrari is an extraordinary woman with an impressive and extensive career in sales and start ups. We love her!

JJ has had a few dramatic transformations in her life, not least the move from being GM of Tony Robbins’ organisation and very much involved in the whole ‘guru’ movement in the US, to running her own businesses in Australia.

In this event JJ is going to discuss how she has started three businesses during the last two covid-ridden years, and the unusual strategies she has used to grow them.

You’ll love JJ. She really knows her stuff and if you want to dial up the sales for your business, this session is a must!

Rachel Service
Wednesday, 6 July 2022 | 12:00PM – 1:30PM

Christina Gerakiteys

As Co-CEO of SingularityU Australia and Founder of UtopiaX, Christina is a sought-after speaker, facilitator, and program designer, creating interactive educational experiences driven by design thinking, purpose, engagement, and play. Her programs disrupt current mindsets to Moonshot thinking, exploring what is possible, rather than what is acceptable or limited. Christina has created highly customised programs for clients including Deloitte, IAG, Bupa, Employment Hero and Entrepreneurs Organisation.

Christina enables the enablers to catalyse change. She works with executives and leaders to alchemise impossible to possible through the unleashing of human potential, by opening hearts and minds.

Christina is the founder of IdeaWorX, a platform where ideas are sparked, making innovation and creativity everyone’s business.


Women Talking Wealth
Wednesday 27 July 2022, Melbourne

Melbourne Lunch

The last Melbourne lunch was an amazing success, so if you missed out and feel like connecting with other switched-on business owners and female founders, a delicious lunch, and of course some bubbles, register today. These events are great fun and are #noagenda. These are a great way to meet new friends and colleagues and we promise you will leave with a giant smile on your face.


Rachel Service
14 June 2022, Sydney

Sydney Dinner

We thought we might try an evening for our next Sydney event! Join us for delicious canapés and bubbles, and of course, a fabulous group of like minded business owners and female founders. This will be a great event to meet new friends and colleagues and who knows what might happen!


Women Talking Wealth
7 July 2022, Gold Coast

Gold Coast, we will see you soon!

At last we get to have our first in-person Gold Coast lunch since 2020! Join us for delicious nibbles, bubbles and of course, a fabulous group of like minded business owners and female founders. This will be a great event to meet new friends and colleagues, and who knows what might happen!


What happens at an Online Lunch?

This is a no agenda, no pressure event. It runs every second Friday from 12.30 until 2.30-ish! It’s a fun way to get to know some new people who think like you. It’s also a great excuse to share some bubbles (or whatever takes your fancy) on a Friday and end the week with some fun.

How is a Learning Table different to a Zoom Lunch?

The Learning Table is an event focused on a single topic which is presented by one of our members. You have the opportunity of asking questions and engaging with some very influential hosts.

Tell me more about your events?

She’s The Boss offers a number of online and live events, all aimed at giving you the opportunity to connect with out female entrepreneurs.

Can I attend events if I’m not a She’s The Boss member?

You sure can. We encourage you to try before you join to make sure we are a perfect fit. Our goal for you is that you will connect with like minded female founders that will help you grow your business and strengthen the community that supports you.

Who is part of the She’s The Boss community?

Our members consist of female founders and entrepreneurs that are doing extraordinary things. They are over 40 and have been in business for over 5 years.

Can I cancel my membership at anytime?

You can cancel your membership at any time. If you cancel you will receive a refund for the remaining months of your membership, minus the current month you are cancelling in.

Can I attend just one event?

Yes, you can. Go to the events page and sign up for any event. There is no limit on the number of events you can attend, however it becomes cheaper to become a member on average, after three events.