Good Things Come In Small Packages

Check out these gorgeous, affordable Be Bangles, with some inspirational, and funny, messages. They make great gifts for yourself – or a woman you admire.

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Life dances to its own mysterious rhythm, defying our attempts to choreograph its steps. It possesses the power to transform in the blink of an eye, and in those moments, all we can do is clasp onto the roller co


Every one of us holds an enchanting essence, a unique magic that often eludes our conscious recognition. Our proximity to ourselves and the entanglement of our musings……..


“You have to be f*cking fierce with your life, no one is going to do it for you.”


Someone to fix the mistakes.


Legit, I’ve just renamed this the PMS Bangle. HOW HAVE I NOT KNOWN THAT WE HAVE THIS BANGLE.

My period is about to arrive, my lower back is hurting, my dog just

Giving A Fuck Doesn't Really Go With My Outfit

Many years ago I worked in the world of retail fashion.

It was the 2000s and the city streets were full of boutiques and designer concept stores.

Our jobs were about glamour and style, attentive service and making every woman feel like a celebrity.

Underestimate Me, That'll Be Fun

I wasn’t really supposed to amount to anything.
At least in the eyes of the people who supposedly ‘knew me best’.
As a kid, I got labelled early on as ‘the difficult child’. You know – the ones won’t just shut up and follow the rules. I was too outspoken. Too loud.

I Can And I Will. Watch Me.

They said I couldn’t do it.
At 21, they told me I was too young to become a property investor. I told them, “I Can and I Will. Watch me.”
Twelve months later I had my first investment property.
At 23, they told me I was too inexperienced to start my own business. Even if my web designs were ‘pretty good for a girl.’

She Believed She Could So She Did

Believing in yourself is a key ingredient for success, but let’s be honest – sometimes it can be difficult.
When you have a dream, or you aspire to a life beyond what society deems ‘normal’, you’re guaranteed push back. There will be those who think you’ll fail.

Custom bangles – choose your own slogan!

You can now customise your own Be. Bangle.
These are custom-made for you and are now engraved here in our BE studio!
You can choose any size including clasp and any colour including Yellow Gold.
(Unisex Black Cuff not available for inhouse custom engraving).