We are the team behind She's The Boss.

How it all started…

Jules Brooke, our founder, started She’s The Boss because she was fed up with the lack of visibility of female founders and CEOs in the media and a desperate lack of events where those women could get together with #noagenda other than to support each other and talk about their own businesses.

There are countless networking groups, social media groups, podcasts, meetups and events where women gather to learn and  talk about business. However, most of them are focused on juggling kids and business, or are for start-ups (targeting young women), but we want to focus on women who want to help others, make change happen and for those women with mature businesses.

She’s The Boss is also about making successful business women more visible. We share interviews and shout out about the extraordinary women we know from across the country.

Lastly, young women need role models and “if you can’t see it, you can’t be it”. We want to provide role models for younger women to encourage them to start their own business.

That’s why we started She’s The Boss.

Meet our team of Bosses.

Jules Brooke

Founding Boss

Jules is a serial entrepreneur and a PR expert. She started She’s The Boss Group in 2019 and has won several business awards and previously hosted a show about female founders on a streaming TV network.

Jules is the host of podcasts She’s The Boss Chats and She’s The Boss Leaders and the She’s The Boss YouTube channel.

She is the fire behind the business and is determined to give female founders the opportunity to stand in the spotlight and share their wisdom, not only within the group, but also through the launch of the She’s The Boss TV Channel; a TV channel hosted exclusively by extraordinary business women.

Antonia Grimard

Strategy Boss

Antonia is an entrepreneurial fireball and has run her own businesses since she was thirteen. She brings with her a wealth of management skills and an in-depth understanding of strategic messaging, visual communication and business design.

At her company AOK Creative Pty Ltd, she works closely with clients to strip away the blind spots that are slowing down their business growth. Her brilliance lies in creating the kind of clarity and vision needed to effectively connect with clients, grow a brand and for some, prepare them to raise equity to expand their businesses.

Mia Maze


Mia’s resilience as an entrepreneur and her ability to help women navigate the challenges of being in business, has seen her win awards for her professionalism and championing of women. She believes that every female founder should have access to education, knowledge, and personal development regardless of being self employed.

Mia works with female entrepreneurs to help them grow their networks, find their strengths, expand their markets, reinvent their business models, improve their business operations, develop marketing and sales strategies, develop products and services, and most importantly, support their wellbeing and work-life balance through her business, Mazey Consulting & Coaching.

Connect with other extraordinary female founders.

Here’s what our members are saying.
I have been attending the Friday lunches hosted by She’s The Boss! These meetings have been one of the highlights of my week. The community, the amazing business women, the stories and of course the connections, are making this event well worth attending and well spent time! Highly recommend to come along, try it out and be hooked just like I am to it!”
Ildi Racz

Founder, Ant Planners