Friday Online Lunch

(held fortnightly)

It started with lunch…

…and it grew into an online community of women kicking arse in business who all believe that we should lift each other up, support and help each other. So much business has been done, and close friendships have been made, and it all started with a lunch. #noagenda #nopressure #bubbles

Connecting female founders

We are doing things a little differently. We have a no pressure, social environment that encourages women to make connections. We all want to change the world. We don’t think small!




Why have lunch with us?

Because sometimes we can get into our own heads and we need others to motivate and believe in us.

Because it’s a great way to celebrate and share at the end of the week.

Because as women, we need to support each other. Because you need to know women to be able to collaborate with them.

Because we connect amazing women across the country each week. Because it’s fun!

Become a member and attend lunches as often as you like

 $49 +GST

per month


Register for a one-off lunch and pick the date that suits you best.

$20 + GST

One-off lunch