Stephanie is not your average woman. She always wanted to give back, from a very early age, so when she was on a trip to Nepal and she found 7 very poor, and disabled women huddled together without any of the basic necessities she decided to start there. Her NFP, Seven Women, has now helped thousands of Nepalese women by teaching them skills so they can support themselves and their families. This has led her to an Order of Australia Medal, speaking at the UN and all over the world about what she is working on and how every person can help to affect change.

I spoke to her while she was in Melbourne during the COVID lockdown which has obviously cutailed her travel, but not her passion or ambitions for her organisation. She explained what a rock her Mum (and family) have been throughout her whole career and how, with their support she is continuing to do things that will make change happen. She is soon to release a documentary and is going to teach herself PR. Her story is very inspiring!