My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with Miriam Sankuhler, a Real Estate Buyers Advocate and Franchisor. Miriam’s story is really fascinating.

Miriam had a fierce desire to find stability after a difficult childhood and ended up buying her first home at 24. Since then she has become heavily involved in the property industry and now wants to help home buyers everywhere avoid paying too much or making mistakes with their purchases. Miriam’s story of physical breakdown thst lead her to adjust her life is a common tale. Her mission now is to help buyers and expand her business into a national franchise.

Keep an eye out at the end for her quirky fact. She was one of the ‘singles’ on Perfect Match back in the day!! She talks about her chaperoned ‘romantic getaway’ in Launceston and how she recently touched base with her ‘date’ after 20 years!