The fabulous Lynnaire Johnston is New Zealand’s number one Linkedln expert and is ranked 11 out of 20 for the Asia Pacific. She’s remarkable and brilliant and absolutely lives up to her reputation. Lynnaire works with small businesses and business professionals and helps them achieve online success through the Linkedln platform. She coaches, trains and is a marketing strategist and Linkedin is the thing Lynnaire loves to talk about the most. She loves to share her knowledge, and contributing to other people’s success is what motivates Lynnaire. If that’s not all, Lynnaire is also the author of two books. Her first book is called, Link. Ability, 4 powerful strategies to maximise your Linkedln success and her second book is called Business Gold.

Lynnaire is also known as the Word Wizard, having run a copywriting business under that name for more than two decades. She trained as a journalist and has worked as a radio announcer and newsreader, an editor and has written for a range of industries. Now Lynnaire is on the international stage, thanks to working with lots of Linkedln experts and thrives from learning from people better than herself. The other thing Lynnaire is doing this year is launching a Linkedln membership site which is all about helping more people learn how to use Linkedin more successfully for themselves. The site will also feature Lynnaire’s podcast episodes.

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