Kate Toon is a well loved and a very popular woman for good reason. She’s just the best person to talk to when it comes to building your own business because she is super generous with her information. This chat was no different. From her first trip to Australia as a backpacker, Kate was always going to kick arse.

After working in agencies (her first job was creating an ecommerce site for Marks and Spencers back when people barely knew what a website was), she went on to become a copywriter and then, aftyer the birth of her son she decided to go out on her own. Make no mistake, Kate has worked very, very hard to get to where she is now but it’s been worth it, as she will say. She has two membership groups – one for SEO and the other for Copywriting – and is now venturing into the area of building a personal brand. She’s such a dynamo, and a really fun person so this chat is well worth listening to!