The delightful Karen Gately is a leadership and people-management specialist and is the Founder and Sensei of Corporate Dojo. This is a business where Karen merges all of the things she has done in her life that have been significant, such as being a martial artist (she is a black belt in karate) and combining that with her career as an HR Director. Now she’s helping leaders to thrive and step into roles where they can be optimally influential and she’s helping teams to be the best they can be. The Corporate Dojo run training programs, offer one-to-one coaching, and do advisory work.

Karen had a mission and that was to ultimately have an impact on the quality of people’s work lives, as well as their lives more broadly. Karen went out on her own because she wanted to have a broader impact on the world and she’s always had a desire to get out there and make a difference. Although she completed a degree in Physical Education, and she did this because of her love for karate and she was an athlete, she found herself curious about the business world and this was the beginning of her transformation. She’s always been a competitor and when she as in year 11 at school, Karen attended the world championships for karate and her team won a gold medal.

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