The amazing Julia Robson is a professional female private investigator in Melbourne and Director of Online Investigations. Her experience in online investigations has led to segments on radio and TV, including a segment on radio MIX FM, on the breakfast show called the PI Casefiles. Julia is also known for her media work as an investigator on Network Ten’s series Long Lost Family as well as a hugely successful episode on 60 Minutes where Julia travelled to Nigeria to solve a case of ‘catfishing’. Her success doesn’t end there!

Julia did a podcast, with the well known Jennifer Collins, about a case where she chased a swindling fraudster around the world. This podcast was another success for Julia and was named one of the top podcasts of 2020 before landing at number one. Before becoming a PI, Julia started her career as a police officer at the age of 20. She did this for a few years before travelling to the UK and was later offered a job in the Corporate Investigation world. Julia was paid to fly all over Europe to investigate the fabulous world of fashion and jewellery. Julia is a highly sort-after PI and her business is thriving!

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