Most people know Jaqui as the book lady because in over 20 odd years she’s published 400 business histories. She also has a business called the Book Advisor. Her vision is to change the world one book at a time. She does this by helping business people, executives and entrepreneurs share their knowledge and insights through writing, publishing and marketing their own, quality business books.

Jaqui’s really passionate about writing and reading books and she’s driven by helping and sharing knowledge. Jaqui has actually written 27 books and began writing as a corporate historian. When growing up Jaqui had a cousin who was NZs first female diplomat and this inspired her to study politics. Jaqui became the Youth Director of the NZ National Party at the age of 24. She’s also researched and written a book about the history of entrepreneurship in Australia. She spent two years interviewing all of Australia’s leading business people and entrepreneurs. Jaqui keeps fit by going to the gym, walking, swimming and enjoying taking long hikes. She also has a Master’s degree in Russian Politics and has been learning to play the saxophone for two years.

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