Georgina McEncroe, Founder of Shebah, the female rideshare service, is one of the most successful business women in Australia. She’s also super-nice and lots of fun to chat to. She has done soooo much! From starting out as a teacher, to travelling, creating an award-winning Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, or collecting testimonies for the War Crimes Tribunal, George has done it all.

She has been divorced and been fired from her job on radio, but the culmination of all this experience let her to go for it when she first identified the gap in the market for a safer type of taxi service, where people could trust that their children would be driven safely, that had baby seats and where a woman can hire another woman to take her home, if she has had too many drinks on a night out! Shebah’s crowdfunding capital raising was once of the highest in Victoria, raising over $3 million from 3000 small investors. Watch this space as Shebah becomes a household name.