My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with Fabiola Campbell – Founder, Professional Migrant Women Mentoring Program.

Fabiola is the Founder of the Professional Migrant Women’s Mentoring Program, which she set up after spending yearstrying to get a job after arriving here from Venezula (even though she was born here and has an Australian passport). Fabiola’s story is one that will get you thinking. She was born here when her father, a surgeon, was sent here to learn how to do kidney transplants (Melbourne was the best in the world at the time), and she grew up with her father fondly remembering his time here nd teasing her about being an ‘Aussie’. So it’s hardly surprisinmg that she decided to move here for a better life, in her late 20’s.

She describes the ‘shock’ of realising that her English wasn’t good, and that her qualifications (she was a Criminologist) weren’t really recognised here. It took her a long time to buoild her networks, get a good job and settle in. So now she wants to help other professional migrant women acclimatiose themselves faster.