Cate Peterson is the most amazing woman and you definitely feel a better person after you have spent time with her. She truly wants to make a difference in the world and she is doing it with Yoga as the core. She has created Yoga Hive, which brings together hundreds yoga practioners from all over the country and thousands of classes, so that we all have access to them and book in a type of yoga, and a time that suits you for classes.

She has also created Get Off Your Asana, a fabulous initiative to help education yoga-virgins about what it can do for your mind, body and spirit. They target non-yoga (and even no-exercise) people to encourage them to explore, and hopefully fall in love with yoga. She also has another business called Off The Mat, where she creates sustainable yoga mats (most are plastic) to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Cate is one-in-a-million! She is so kind, non-judgemental and peaceful, you will love her!