Ayla is the wedding coordinator and founder of the ever-growing and unique business called Wed Sites. Basically, Wed Sites is an online platform helping couples plan their weddings. It can be accessed from anywhere and is your one-stop shop for keeping everything you need to keep track of your wedding in one place including budgets, guest list tool, digital invitations, dietary requirements and absolutely everything else! It’s a personal experience for couples and the most appealing thing about Wed Sites is that it does not contain advertising. Ayla was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and is an only child who was brought up by her single mum. After graduating from high school, Ayla moved to the US where she completed a law degree at university. Upon completing, she returned to Japan to look after her mum and studied web design. She later travelled to Australia with her partner and loved it so much that they returned to Japan for two weeks and proceeded to pack their belongings and returned to Australia on a student visa. Here in Australia, they developed an idea to create a WordPress theme and this was the beginning of Theme Boy, an online store based around creating sports club software.

After moving to Melbourne and searching for community, she discovered that the industry was male-dominated and began searching for female connections. Wed Site came about after burning out and Ayla found she developed a passion for wedding planning. She developed it after she got engaged and it was officially launched in late 2019. In the past 12 months, since covid hit, Wed Sites has had a 400% growth. Along her journey, Ayla realized that pricing is everything. Once she increased her pricing, her sales numbers also increased.”Perceived value” is everything according to Ayla, especially because her product offers so much more than competing products and services. It’s worth more and does more! Increasing her pricing has been her biggest pivotal moment, along with covid. Now that Ayla is 10 years into her journey, she’s able to have a better work-life balance and chooses not to work on weekends. During the week, she has reduced her hours and now only works from 9-5.

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