Zoe is the author of People Stuff and is an Australian leadership expert who specialises in helping business leaders navigate the complexities of dealing with their teams and colleagues to make it all easier. But as a Canadian, it’s been an interesting journey getting here! She has always had an adventurous spirit and loves the great outdoors so she loved working at the Summer Camps that they run in the US and Canada for school kids. She went from being a leader in some local camps to wanting to spread her wings and do more of it! She knew about Outward Bound, the international network that focuses on outdoor education, and applied to become an instructor for the Australian version. Then she didn’t want to leave!

After 10 years there, rising to become the Foundation Coordinator, she decided to take what she has learned and apply it to corporate leaders. These days Zoe is an author, speaker and mentor to many business leaders. You’ll love her story!