Sandy Abram has a bubbly and jovial personality which is contagious! She is the founder of an organic business called First Ray, a wholesale distributor built nearly 16 years ago under the core values of organic, sustainability and ethics. Sandy has recently launched a new marketplace called Ollee which allows purpose-driven brands to connect with businesses and retailers. It’s a unique digital platform where retailers can source their products from a ‘one-stop shop’.

Ollee sells a wide variety of products, in a number of categories, including food, drinks, personal care and lifestyle. Sandy is one of the first pioneers to sell sustainable and organic products. Sandy’s journey into an organic lifestyle began when she was diagnosed with endometriosis. She refused to believe that she couldn’t get better so began a long search for an alternative path. She started living an organic lifestyle, changed her diet, took up yoga and found a Naturopath and the healing began. Her doctor was amazed when he saw that she had cured her endometriosis through clean food and alternative therapies.

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