Have you seen (or been part of) the trending hashtag #thislittlegirlisme? Are you curious about who set it up and why? In this interview with the founder of Inspiring Girls in the UK, and the brains behind the #thislittlegirlisme campaign, Miriam Gonzalez, you can hear all about it! Miriam is an extraordinary woman who grew up in a tiny, dusty village in Spain. With a father in politics and a mother who was the science teacher in the village, Miriam had some great role models, and as she says “this is why politics is in my blood’!

Miriam left the village to go to uni in Bruges, Brussels, where she met her husband and married. They both moved to the UK (her hubby Nick is an Englishman) where he became the Deputy Prime Minister from 2010-2015, and she went on to become a trade negotiator and advisor on trade law, and relations with the Middle East to both the European Union and the British Government. She is also a Member of the European Council of Foreign Relations. This woman is truly amazing!

When you hear how she set up Inspiring Girls International, raising funds by releasing a Spanish cookbook, and her passion for lifting women up, you too will become a fan. Her mission is to make female role models visible to young girls, as research tells us they feel that they have no role models to look up to. What’s not to love! On top of that, she is just the nicest, warm and funny woman.

This is one episode not to miss!

To find out more about the campaign, and Inspiring Girls, go to http://www.inspiring-girls.com

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