Marlie Jolanda is always on the go and has the ability to talk anybody under the table! Her official title is Meaningful Marketing Business Coach and she’s all about helping Fempreneurs discover what is and isn’t working for them. Marlie helps these women turn potential customers into paying clients through meaningful marketing and helps them understand who their client really is through working smarter and not harder. She is also the founder of Secret SisinBiz Society, a tribe of supportive sisters who specifically help women to close the gap between men and women in income and influence.

This came about after becoming the ambassador of the League of Extraordinary Women on the Gold Coast. It gave Marlie the inspiration and encouragement she needed to go out on her own. She was inspired to start SisinBiz and it was an opportunity to bring amazing women together. Marlie comes from a long line of workaholics and learnt her work ethic from her parents. She knew from an early age that she wanted to leave the Netherlands and see the world and open up her horizons. She had her first senior role in her career before the age of 25.

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