Meet the fierce and dignified Margie Hartley, the woman behind GRAM Consulting Group. Margie is one of Australia’s leading executive coaches and the founder of GRAM Consulting Group, a community of experts who have deep relationships with organisations and businesses. These experts have backgrounds in psychology, social psychology and anthropology. In Margie’s words, “We curate really great experiences for clients around their needs.”

Having worked with 11 of the top 20 ASX listed companies, and three international organisations, Margie’s strength is in managing relationships. Her podcast Fast Track: Career Conversations with Margie Hartley features weekly career insights from some of Australia’s top CEOs and business leaders. Life wasn’t always rosy for Margie. She overcame a divorce, financial hardship and a serious fall which left her with a broken jaw and smashed teeth. She literally hit rock bottom and from that moment, Margie chose who she wanted to be. She basically picked herself up and went out on her own. Margie said she wanted to be tall, elegant and dignified and that is exactly who Margie is!

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