Lisa has spent nearly 10 years and $1M+ developing a program to help reduce teenage road trauma. After spending 20+ years in professional motorsport she thought her experience would better be used for good rather than promoting people going round and round in circles fast!


“I was involved in a road trauma fatality when I was 22yo, and now have 2 teenage sons – boys are dying 4:1 on the roads. This is my purpose meets passion project.

Road trauma is EVERY parents worst nightmare – no-one wants to (and very few qualified to) sit alongside their kid & teach them how to drive. We let them fall over when they’re learning to walk, but we don’t want them to crash learning to drive. And reading a book does not train anyone how to drive. Nor is it useful for them to see footage of car crashes – do we show videos of people drowning before we teach them how to swim?

After 7 years our first program was launched in 2019 and went on to win the Australasian Serious Game Congress the same year with the highest score in the history of the event. The program is safe, fun and it works – our students rated 48% more competent and 17% less anxious. The program has many applications, including disability (autism, ADHD, ABI, anxiety) , rehabilitation, immigration, CALD, indigenous, juvenile justice, etc.

In 2020 the Victorian Govt conducted a Parliamentary Inquiry into the increase of the road toll (fatality rate in the 16-20yo age bracket up 300%) – report recommended the Govt pilot myDRIVESCHOOL® for learner drivers.

Road Safety is lagging in terms of tech uptake. Govt.’s need to adopt tech and realise/acknowledge & adapt industry knowledge v’s academic papers. We haven’t changed the way we teach people how to drive for 50 years! Top 10 best countries Globally for road safety – NONE do 120hours of training with ‘lay driving instructors’.”

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