My latest She’s The Boss Chats episode is with the incredible Lisa McAdams, Founder of Safe Space Workplace. Lisa is an author, speaker and wiorkshop facilitator all around domestic violence and bullying and how to manage that in the workplace. She is considered Australia’s pre-eminent Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) support trainer and is on a mission to build a society where we support, empower and help those impacted to rebuild their lives.

Oh boy, her story is something else. She has survived a life of abuse that most of us cannot imagine. From a childhood of extreme abuse where her family’s violent actions and words were a challenge in mental fortitude and endurance, through to a terrible marriage. In our interview we discuss her move to Australia, back to England and then back again, how her lack of schooling gave her a drive to be the absolute best at what she did, in order to advance her career, and how she has grabbed every opportunity given to her. The way she finally left her abusive husband with two young kids in tow and how the remark by a male colleague that domestic abuse was ‘nothing to do with work’ is what spurred her to to establish her business. This is one interview that will have you gripped from start to finish!