Libby Moore is on of the nicest people you could meet! The people she has worked for, and with, in her career are household names, yet she remains so down to earth and lovely you will be totally captivated.

Libby was enthralled by television and the stage from an early age and studied radio and television at college. She was keen to get experience wherever she could so was delighted when she got the opportunity to work for Maury Povich, a famous talk show host. She talks about how supportive he was and how it felt like being part of the family to work for him. She eventually left to try her hand at comedy and standup before agreeing to become the EA to Jann Wenner, the Editor and founder of Rolling Stone magazine. Then finally, she was offered the opportunity to work for ‘someone in Chicago’, and that ‘someone ended up being Oprah!

Libby spent 11 years working at Chief of Staff for Oprah – right the way through to when she finished the show and started the OWN network. She explains that Oprah is a kind, fair person and that she treats everyone the same – from the hotel cleaner to President, which is nice to hear!

These days Libby is a keynote speaker and motivational coach. She’s also a huge supporter of women in business. You’ll love her story!

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