Doctor Laura Rusu is an entrepreneur, an adventurer and a stem advocate for women and she’s absolutely incredible. She’s also the founder and CEO of LENSELL, a global platform for corporate performance democratisation, that removes cost and complexity barriers and makes the corporate financial and non-financial performance information accessible to everyone. If that’s not all, Laura also has six patents! Her vast corporate experience stretches back to more than 20 years and she has worked as a scientist, researcher, software developer and engineer and has also lectured.

During this time, Laura noticed that although companies could access financial information, regular people didn’t have a platform to do this, in order to make correct investment decisions. So, she built an app to make it easier and from there, more ideas developed. Laura grew up in Romania and always loved mathematics. Her father was an engineer and her mother translated Russian to Romanian. This incredibly passionate woman was one of only three girls from her class to break away from societal expectations of females and studied information technology at university. She even did this without a computer at home!

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