Koko Casey is an extraordinary fierce woman with an inner strength most of us will never know. She has overcome life’s biggest adversities and is a survivor and this has led to a remarkable new career. Koko is a motivational and inspirational speaker, working alongside the airforce on a high performance and safety team. They travel around to airforce bases to speak about managing stress, performance and safety because these people are operating at such a high level. The people Koko is working with are Olympic trainers and people from the Institute of Sport, sleep doctors and sports psychologists. Koko once operated at that level, prior to being involved in a life-threatening plane crash.

Koko decided that she needed to take control of her life early because, by the age of 30, she was divorced with three kids. She returned to University and proceeded to complete a Bachelor of Nursing. In Koko’s words, “This was her key to freedom to get out of her marriage”. Learning gave her the most strength and enabled her to move on and cater for her kids. Her career as a nurse progressed and she worked as an intensive care nurse before becoming a trauma nurse for V8 Super Cars. This led Koko to international atraumatic nursing where she travelled to different countries on a private jet helping save critically ill patients, also working alongside the Australian Defence Force. On one of these life-saving missions, the jet Koko was travelling in was caught in a major storm and the plane crashed into shark-infested waters at 200km an hour. Koko, and the other five people on the flight, were left floating in the violent ocean for 90 minutes, with only three life jackets between them. It was a miracle they survived and it was a miracle they were eventually rescued.

The crash left Koko with numerous injuries including spinal, neck, jaw and smashed teeth. After all this, Koko lost her financial independence and her freedom and felt as though she was slowly decaying every day. But, Koko is a survivor, a fighter and a warrior and came back fighting for her life. Understanding PTSD, anxiety and depression and understand how debilitating they are has given Koko an insight into adversity and enabled her to be highly successful at what she does now.

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