Kerry Howard is a psychologist, an author, speaker, coach, advocate for change within the health system, adventurer, and all-round bad arse!

You will love her story.

After growing up as the youngest of 5 with a single Mum, Kerry somehow blamed herself for her father’s departure from the family a few months after she was born. This has informed many of her decisions in adult life. She also got knocked down by a bus which led to PTSD and her becoming a psychologist and specialising in trauma.

After growing up in a variety of homes, starting off in outer suburban Victoria, Kerry took off overseas as soon as she finished school.

After she returned, she married very young and soon had two young kids. After her marriage broke down she headed to security and stability in Canberra.

Using her secretarial skills to work for government departments, Kerry soon rose up the ranks, and it was after the birth of her kids and her divorce that she decided to have some counseling, and then become a counselor.

Kerry has written two serious books – and one about dating that is very funny and compares men to shoes – and has had a psychology counseling business for over a decade. But that’s all about to change.

As we were recording the interview, Kerry is planning a long trip overseas to reassess her life and see where she wants to go next. You will absolutely love this woman and her adventurous spirit!

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