Karen Ostenried has an amazing story, and business to share! She currently offers leadership training using horses as an example of teamwork and how people can work together. But her story as to how she arrived at her current business is fascinating. She started her career as a scientist,specialising in medical research and commercial biotechnology and so we HAD to talk about the pandemic! From there she describes how the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009 devastated her personally, and her community in Kinglake, Victoria, and it was on the back of that awful event that she created her business, The Matanya Effect. She is the Choir Director for the Kinglake Phoenix group, created to help lift the spirits of the local community after the bushfires ravaged the area and so many people lost their homes. She also coaches people on stage presence and speaking skills and so much more. Karen’s positive spirit and energy in the face of awful tragedy is really inspiring and and you will love it too.