The fabulous Judith Rizzio is a style activist, an LGBTQIA activist, and her mission in life is to empower 50+ women in order to make fashion accessible to everyone. She has a very fun business called Out Of Our Closet. Judith has a real love for fashion but she discovered a long time ago that fashion is focused on youth and it’s becoming less and less part of her life, but this isn’t by choice. Judith’s love affair with fashion started in the Bowery in New York. At the Salvation Army, she would dig through bins to find vintage clothes that she could tear apart to create something new. She’s spent more than 40 years collecting, creating, and styling. Judith has run non-profit thrift stores and costumed high school theatre shows.

She learned to sew when she was in fifth grade and her love for stylish clothes came from her father and grandmother. Judith famously patched a pair of jeans for JFK Junior after he admired a pair of patched jeans she was wearing. She lived in a commune in the 70s and has even had a mini-documentary made about her through Vice Media. For 26 years Judith was involved in community relations on management teams for two of Portland’s largest HIV agencies and this helped shape her life. She saw over 400 predominantly gay men die from the disease. She was also hired by HNM to be Iris Apfel’s body and stunt double for a commercial. In Judith’s words, “It’s a damn right to look good in your clothes, in your body and in the world!”

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