Joanna Downer is the Founder and CEO of a startup called Kitl. Kitl is a tech-enabled and flexible job matching platform described as the “Tinder of jobs”. It developed after an earlier creation of a similar concept called The Content Crowd. The brilliant and unique name, Kitl, was created after a brainstorm with Joanna’s two partners and cleverly comes from a combination of Little Talent Tool Kit. After receiving funding in June, they re-grouped and set about structuring the business to create a better version of the platform and focused on labour-hire and legalities.

Currently, Kitl is experiencing a soft launch phase based around organic digital marketing such as blogs, strong content marketing and networking. Much of their business comes from word of mouth. One of their biggest challenges was taking responsibility for other people’s money and they felt that they had to define each of their roles in the business. Their real challenge has been making strong decisions about the direction of the company and backing themselves in a different way. Joanna was also the co-founder of Snap Tribe and worked as the Production Manager at Babyology. Quirky fact about Joanna is that she once met Michael Jackson.

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