Jasmine Batra founded the award-winning digital growth agency Arrow Digital in 2007 and is working with a range of businesses, from small to mid-size to corporates. Arrow Digital has gone through two evolutions and currently, Jasmine is working on an exciting project with tech startups, who are looking to scale and expand internationally, specifically in India. This program is called the ‘Big Leap’. Jasmine is helping businesses to think beyond their borders.

She came to Australia, from India, 18 years ago and as she struggled to find a job suited to her experience and education, Jasmine’s first job in Australia was working in a call centre, where she handled sales calls. Here, she became a top salesperson. Within a few years, she was running her own business. Jasmine’s claim to fame came about in India where she once was a TV news presenter, for a local news channel. Her love for TV didn’t end there. Jasmine has a special skill and she’s brilliant at tongue twisters. So she entered a TV reality show and almost won herself a car!

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