Janelle Bostock, CEO and owner of WNA is an incredible woman! Her story is bound to keep you gripped. Having grown up in rural Queensland, milking the cows every day before and after school right the way through to year ten, Janelle knew what hard work was all about. Her purchase of the networking group was prompted by the premature death of her husband and the need for both support from her network (she had been a member since 2000) and for a new direction for her career. Janelle knows first hand the importance of having that support group around you as running your own business can be lonely!

Janelle and her husband were a tightknit team. He worked in IT and Janelle worked in Admin for Queensland health. She also organised huge parties for the company – 600 and 1000 person events – in her spare time! She was a natural.

After years of working full time and managing a block of units in Brissie, Bruce, Janelle’s husband was diagnosed at 30 with a genetic heart condition that was terminal. After having their son, who was also afflicted with the same disorder, Bruce sadly died, and Janelle was looking for a new challenge – so when the founder of WNA called and asked if she would like to buy it, she jumped at the chance.

You will love the tenacity, humour and warmth of this extraordinary woman!

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