Get a journalist to help you write your business story

Use it for your bio, your ‘About Us’ page, as a media release or just for the hell of it!

When you see your story in writing you’ll be saying FIGJAM* to yourself!

*F**k I’m Great, Just Ask Me!

“I have worked with many, many women over the years and the one consistent thing I can say is that when they see their story written out and in front of them, they are always shocked by how much they have achieved and how interesting they look! They say “wow! I can’t believe this is me” or “I didn’t realise I had achieved so much! That’s why I decided to call this program FIGJAM. Plus I think it’s a perfect fit!”

Almost every time, when I first speak with business women, they rarely think that they have an interesting story to tell. And if someone asks them for their bio (biography), they either don’t have one or it looks more like a resume than a story. So I decided to help all you clever, adventurous, beautiful, interesting women really tell your story, with the help of a journalist.

So how does it work?

Journalists are trained at getting the best story out of everyone they write about. They know how to include the good bits, and they can tell you which aspects of your life are irrelevant when it comes to painting the picture that you want.

You get to choose one of these gorgeous, highly skilled, warm and friendly journalists to write your story for you.

Once you choose and pay, we will get you to fill out a quick form with your details for the journalist and when you upload it we will send each of you an email to connect within the following 24 hours

You both choose a good time for both of you to chat (up to an hour), and she will take notes, ready to write your bio for you, which is normally 500-600 words.

Give her a few days to write it up for you and when she has finished she will send it to you for your approval.

If you want her to tweak it, you can ask for one set of changes to be made. 

Either way, the whole process should be finished within a week and you will have a polished bio you can use anywhere you like!


Choose which of our fabulous
journalists to work with

Rosy Mobbs

Rosy is an experienced journalist with a demonstrated history of working in the newspapers. She is the former Sunday Telegraph business editor, former Australian Financial Review banking writer, former BRW small business writer plus numerous other magazines. 

Rosy currently interviews for The Studio in Sydney.



(+10% GST in Australia)

Wendy Frew

Wendy Frew is an award-winning journalist who has worked in Australia and overseas for a range of media organisations, including the Australian Financial Review, Reuters, the Sydney

Morning Herald (where she was Chief-of-Staff), and the BBC, where she was the inaugural editor of its online Australian news service. In 2018, she published her first non-fiction book, Leane Times. And, in 2020, she launched her radio program/podcast, The Coast, on Radio Northern Beaches.


(+10% GST in Australia)