Catherine Jonathan is gorgeous, bubbly and passionate about her African community and she’s driving the change for African businesses by providing visibility to their brands. Catherine runs her own PR Agency called, Emerging Brand Africa, and it’s an Agency for African/Australian owned businesses in corporate Australia. She’s helping small businesses thrive in a multicultural arena while celebrating diversity and culture. Nobody else was doing anything like this so Catherine decided to do it. She feels a personal sense of responsibility and this stems from her social conscience. Catherine’s generosity has no bounds and she wants to lift the people around her, especially women and youth. She’s raising up the profile of Africans.

The idea came to Catherine when she first migrated to Australia from Kenya, nearly two years ago. She felt there was a big gap in selling African stories and she wanted a fair representation in the media space, after realizing there were too many negative media stories about African youth gangs and crime. She had to do something and she wanted to show Australia that African people are here, doing amazing things. Catherine grew up in the eastern regions of Kenya and studied IT before diversifying into marketing and PR. Currently, Catherine is working on an exciting new campaign, compiling a catalogue for emerging brands.

She’s working with African businesses to showcase their products and services and this catalogue allows Australians to collaborate with these African brands. This is the first-ever African catalogue like this. Quirky fact; Growing up in a rural village in Kenya, Catherine helped her grandmother farm the land by hand and fetched water carrying a large pot on her head, sometimes whilst dancing!

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