If anybody knows how to re-invent themselves, it is Carol O’Halloran. Currently, she hosts and produces many TV shows and is commencing a new one through seniorsonline.vic.gov for the seniors festival. Carol started a TV show when covid first hit, for the over 50s market called, “Over 50”. It’s focus is that you can’t use your age as an excuse to stop you and it’s run through channel 31. In Carol’s earlier years, she worked in TV and realized 10 years ago that TV is where her passion lies. Carol was born in NZ and after high school, attended a business course for one year. She then went on to teachers college for 3 years and majored in the Maori language and physical education. She became a primary school teacher for a couple of years but didn’t enjoy the environment so she left. Carol’s always enjoyed dancing and after learning ballet and jazz, started performing in nightclubs and football clubs before dancing on TV. She also ran fitness classes for women which she started doing at the age of 17. Carol has managed to reinvent herself many times over. She was one of the first people to instruct jazzercise and travelled all over NZ setting up franchises. One of Carol’s greatest achievements was producing a fitness record on vinyl in 1981 which broke three world records and was on top of the charts, above the Rolling Stones, for 6 weeks. This catapulted her into a new mental frame of mind and she was only 25. Carol has been specialising in the over 50s since 1988 and has produced numerous fitness videos. She’s travelled around the world training other fitness instructors and health therapists, with the help of sponsors. She’s also had her own TV show called Slender Secrets which was an infomercial about weight loss. After fitness instruction, Carol became a product manager for a chocolate company and she travelled the world and managed to double the sales of the company in a very short time. She stayed with this company for ten years. Currently, Carol is a producer of her own TV show and she has full creative rights to it. She has also written a book that sold over 11,000 copies. Carol’s biggest inspirations were Jane Fonda and Richard Simmonds and along the way she has learnt that networking and persistence are vital if you want to succeed. Carol’s biggest pivotal moment came to her at the end of last year when she decided to never promote unhealthy foods again and to stick with her greatest passion, healthy living. She has re-invented herslf at the age of 64 and knows that she is not done yet! Carol is producing a TV show every week and she’s extremely disciplined and tries to work from Monday to Friday only. Carol says that everyone thinks she’s not domesticated what so ever however she enjoys knitting, sewing and crocheting.

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