Amanda Thompson is an incredibly inspirational woman who has been through a lot in her life, and yet has emerged with a strong and positive outlook. From the boardroom of Australia’s biggest banks as a leading financial advisor; to qualifying three times for the ironman world championships despite health issues, she has never been afraid of a challenge.

As an award-winning Financial Planner and the Founder of Endurance Financial, Amanda has, for the past 16 years, specialised in offering strategic financial guidance for individuals and businesses with complex matters requiring more than textbook advice.

As a dynamic keynote speaker, Amanda is able to captivate audiences with her intelligent wit and real-life stories. She is particularly driven to help men and women overcome the gender biases that stand in the way of personal achievement; lessons learned after thriving in typically male-dominated environments. Her areas of focus in life include resilience, determination, and dedication to something bigger than self.

Amanda is a Member of the Association of Financial Advisers, Women on Boards, Australian Institute of Company Directors; and Elite Triathlon Performance Australia.

She lives in Melbourne with her two daughters and is convinced training for a triathlon is easier than parenting at times! You’ll adore this woman.

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