Victoria Glover is a passionate and glamourous woman. She is the Founder of The V-KEYSS and her passion is helping people excel. V-KEYSS offers more than just styling. Victoria likes to look at life experiences and how these life experiences can be built into the choices people make, including how they dress. However, the clothing is just the tip of the iceberg. Victoria is a determined advocate for growth in individuals and small businesses, helping them achieve the transformational results they set for themselves and their businesses. She is focused on achieving better results for her clients. Victoria recently released a book titled, “What’s Style Got To Do With It: Why Some People Succeed Where Others Fail”.

It’s all about fashion, self-discovery, mental health, self-education, and empowerment. Victoria has definitely had her fair share of tragedies including a back injury that left her unable to move for a year and an aneurysm where she was told by her doctor that she almost died. Not long after, and due to these life scares, Victoria took the plunge and launched her company. Growing up in Ghana, West Africa, as one of nine children, Victoria’s love of nature developed as a child living in a village surrounded by nature. She truly is a powerhouse!

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