Meredith’s story of how she co-founded the Because agency, one that specialises in brand experiences, is fascinating. It all started with a trip to London at the start of the 2000’s. During her time there she got a job working for a new company called because. Run by a very entrepreneurial woman, Meredith worked her way up through the ranks but wanted to go home to New Zealand (or certainly closer!) so she thought about getting back and setting up her own agency, when serendipity stepped in. Her ‘boss’ was keen to be the co-founder and seed fund the startup.

Meredith talks about what it was like to land in Sydney with her husband. She knew no one and had $150K and a laptop as her starting point. She talks about what it was like to win a massive project with CUB when she was starting out, and what it was like to lose it because they didn’t have an office in Melbourne. Something she now has, and CUB is a client again. It’s a great story!