Lisa Vincent, Co-Founder of HowToo and Savv-e is extraordinary! She and her business partner Jenny have created an online learning tool that allows you to take your content and turn it into compelling online courses in a simple and easy-to-manage way. Starting off as an accountant, Lisa hated it and very quickly moved into HR for Ernst and Young. She stayed there my years before moving with her husband to Malaysia for a few years.

It was while she was there that she worked for a company that specialized in online learning, headed up by a dynamic, entrepreneurial man which gave her a taste for entrepreneurship. After arriving back in Australia, she and Jenny set up their bespoke online learning agency, Savv-e Australia which eventually led them to create a software solution that solved the problem of the expense and time it takes organizations to create online learning tools and programs.

Lisa and Jenny have now raised over $2M for HowToo, and are looking to expand to the US later this year. This story is so inspirational if you have a global vision for your business. You will be totally hooked on the story!

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