Lisa Hollinshead is so open and generous with her story you will be gripped! Lisa’s description of getting caught in Spain during the first lockdown in 2020 is a case of bad luck all around. Her timing was terrible! She also talks about how the pandemic was the impetus for creating the OneAnother Community which offers help and support for people in the community who feel isolated and alone, or who need help. But Lisa’s life has been super interesting up to this point. Born in the UK, Lisa decided quite early on that she wanted to be in PR, so she studied it and then soon after, decided she wanted to move to Australia where she was offered a job. Soon after, she started her own agency. She also has an amazing story of her ‘miracle baby boy and how he has conceived and her relationship with his dad. Lisa is funny, self-deprecating and super lovely to chat to. She has some fantastic stories to share and what she has learned along the way. This is one interview not to miss!