She’s the BOSS Chats episode with Jules Brooke.

Belinda Jennings is the Founder of Mum Central, a community with over 800,000 Australian Mums. How she started the business and grew the community is a fascinating story. Belinda started off her entrepreneurial career by jumping into her parents’ luxury houseboat business to take on the marketing, build a website (back when the internet was a baby) and handle the growth of the business from one to a fleet of boats! After her first baby was born, she decided to put her secondhand baby stuff up for sale online, and so her journey began.

These days Mum Central is a busy site for Mums of all ages covering off products, services, a community forum and lots more. Listening to how Belinda took part in an Accelerator program, how that made her look at her business differently, and that she raised funding to grow is fascinating and really inspiring. She also talks about her relationship with her team and how they all work together to be flexible but also get shit done which will leave you thinking you wish you worked there!