Trenna Probert is amazing! After a career that culminated in her being Head of Strategy APAC for Macquarie Group, and the same role at Blue Chilli, Trenna struck out on her own. As an experienced entrepreneur, she has started multiple businesses, and her passion stems from a rich tapestry of personal experience. Her greatest passion currently is Super Fierce, a business Treena founded. Super Fierce is a social enterprise Fin Tech that was built to help close the $30 Trillion gender wealth gap. Superannuation, for younger Australian women, is their largest financial asset.

Trenna wants women to be able to fund the retirement that they deserve and The Super Fierce platform is one that enables women to do this, as well as saving them $3,000 – $4,500 that they would normally pay if they were to seek the help of a financial advisor. Trenna wants to make appropriate, affordable advice is accessible to every single woman in this country. She wants to empower women to age with dignity, self-confidence and have the ability to become financially resilient. Her life experience has taught Treena how vital it is for women to stand on their own two feet.

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