Tracy Sheen is an extraordinary powerhouse. From the age of 5, she knew that someday she was going to run her own business and that business is called The Digital Guide. Tracy helps small business owners navigate technology in order to run a successful business. Her journey began 30 years ago when she started working for Strathfield Car Radios selling mobile phones in retail. Tracy was incredibly successful and a customer took it upon himself to fly her to Sydney to meet Gerry Harvey. Four weeks later, Tracy began a new role at Harvey Normans starting up the office automation of the business as well as establishing the mobile phone retail division. She was only 21 at the time. Gerry Harvey took Tracy under his wing and mentored her every week in all things retail, marketing and sales.

Tracy had a long and varied career working in radio, TV and for Telstra climbing the corporate ladder fast! This powerful woman has numerous accolades including becoming Queensland’s number one corporate coffee provider after successfully establishing her very first business. Tracy also started podcasting ten years before podcasts became popular as she’s always been ahead of the curve and developed the world’s first-panel style podcast called “Not Another Business Show.”

This fabulous podcast averaged between 15,000 and 20,000 listeners per episode. Tracy’s first book which she authored herself, will be released shortly. It’s called “The End of Techno Phobia.” It’s a practical guide to digitise your business.

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