Teresa Sperti launched her very first business almost 20 months ago called Artic Fox. Artic Fox is an advisory and training organisation that operates within the digital and marketing transformation space. Teresa spent 20 years in the corporate world working for large and small organisations before rising to the top of her field as chief marketer. She found this role challenging which inspired her to work with different leaders to help them make sense of the digital world and she always wanted to start her own business before the age of 40. Growing up in an Italian family and one of three kids, she was surrounded by many inspirational women.

She studied finance and marketing at University and initially wanted to be a real estate agent but decided it wasn’t for her. Teresa has had a successful and productive career and her first role was in Marketing for Ford Motor Company. From here, she moved to the travel industry which then took her to London where she learnt and developed new skills and ended up being head of International Marketing for a job board across five different countries. Two years later, Teresa returned to Australia and worked for various companies including Realestate VIew and Coles before entering the not for profit industry working for World Vision. At World Vision, Teresa entered an executive role at a global level, leading a team of 72 where she had lots of amazing outcomes and achievements but was forced to step down due to personal health issues. Inspirational women in Teresa’s life are Christine Dietrich, who was Teresa’s previous Marketing Communications Manager.

She took Teresa under her wing and developed and nurtured her. In the UK, Alex Farrell was also a big supporter and advocate of Teresa and is one of many amazing female leaders Teresa has been exposed to. Hilariously, Teresa was also the TV show The Price Is Right.

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