Love Prosecco but don’t know much about it?

Maybe you are more of a Champagne person but just a little bit curious about Prosecco? You are on the right track, because Prosecco has been outselling Champagne all over the world for years due to its easy-drinking style.

Join Australia’s #1 Prosecco Educator and founder of The Prosecco Festival, fellow She’s The Boss member Melissa Brauer – aka The Prosecco Queen – for a fun, informative masterclass, where you’ll learn about the history and origin of Prosecco, as well as the difference between Prosecco and Champagne, whilst tasting some incredible boutique Prosecco from several female winemakers who are taking the Australian wine world by storm.

Paired with some great bar snacks, this is a fabulous opportunity to try some beautiful wines, and network with other She’s The Boss members!

It will be fun to get to know new women who think as you do!

It’s a #nopressure #noagenda event which means it’s purely social, so you never know who you might meet – and there is always the potential for collaborations and referrals! These events are always great fun and a good way to build a local network of supportive women in business.

Melissa Brauer
The Prosecco Queen

Come and support female winemakers!

Where: Rubyos Restaurant, 89 York Street, Sydney CBD

When: 6.30 PM | Tuesday, 13 September 2022

Cost (ex GST): $150 for members or $170 for non-members

Bonus offer: non-members will receive one month’s FREE membership
(includes access to Online Learning Table and Friday Online Lunch)

What’s included: Bubbles and canapés

“Such a brilliant lunch connecting to collaborate with totally mind blowing founders, entrepreneurs and gals of #grit #determination #courage and #creativity”

Carrie Benedet

Founder of Global Leaders Thrive

Meet incredible business women doing extraordinary things in business.

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