She’s The Boss chats is a regular program featuring in-depth interviews with amazing, inspiring female founders and women who run their own businesses. In each episode, Jules Brooke chats with a businesswoman about their entrepreneurial journey; from when they left school to where they are now (often a very wiggly path!), what their ‘lightbulb’ moment was, the women that have inspired them along the way and what they have learned from their experiences. You’ll love the She’s The Boss program if you enjoy listening to interviews filled with lots of laughs, great stories, and oodles of advice and lessons learned from life’s journies. This series of interviews is an extended version of the popular TV show on Ticker TV ( where Jules interviews all sorts of interesting and inspiring women every week. Jules is also the founder of Handle Your Own PR ( where she teaches business owners, authors, and experts how to get featured in the media for free and has developed a unique PR Engine. Handle Your Own PR also offers online coaching and accelerator courses.

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