Building your networks around the world

At She’s The Boss we want you to think BIG! Whether you are running a purpose-driven business, or you just have global domination on your mind, you will need to build a global connection to get traction.

Jules Brooke

Linda Fisk

We want to help you do just that!

We have partnered with Linda Fisk, the CEO and Founder of LeadHERShip Global, based our of Texas, USA, who has a group of over 10,000 amazing, successful female founders. They want exposure and connections in Australia too!

Both our groups are about lifting up the women around us, collaborating rather than competing, and being generous with our connections and advice.

So, join us for a virtual get together where you can introduce yourself, tell us what you do and what help you need (or would like) from our US based friends. They will do the same. Whether you would like to be a podcast guest, need guests for your own show, need business or trade connections or just want to make new friends. This is the place to do it.

Voila! That should be enough to get you started building your global network!

Over the course of the year, we will be adding events with connections in the UK and India as well so watch this space!

Meet incredible business women doing extraordinary things in business.

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