Shannon Gilleland is one very determined woman. She’s the inventor of Pronto Bottle which is a self-sterilizing baby bottle that every new mother needs! The concept came to Shannon after giving birth to her first baby four years ago. Shannon went straight to bottle feeding as she struggled with breastfeeding. The bottle basically has a button on the lid that activates the UBC in the bottle making it a more unique and efficient way of feeding as it literally sterilises the water, bottle and teet at the same time. This amazing invention eliminates the need to have numerous baby bottles. Shannon’s background is in entrepreneurship innovations although in her earlier years she studied art, pottery, graphics and animation after arriving in Australia from South Africa.

Growing up on a farm in South Africa cemented the belief that where there’s a problem, there’s always a way to fix it by using your own initiative, as Shannon didn’t have the money to buy things. Many hurdles and obstacles were faced during the setup and development of the business, namely in funds and manufacturing however, Shannon’s determination and entrepreneurial spirit is truly impressive and has enabled her to succeed.

Currently, Shannon is working on the second prototype of the Pronto bottle and her big goal is to expand globally.

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