Sam Winch is fabulous and she’s a firecracker! Sam is also the Course Creator and she spends her time building online courses and helping others create their own courses and workshops. Sam has over 16 years of experience facilitating and a decade of building courses and she’s an expert at what she does. Sam fell into it by accident. She never really knew what she wanted to do and dropped out of University during her first semester.

Sam says she’s only average but she’s definitely far from it. Her first job was a casual position at Kmart, at the age of 17 but by the time she turned 24, Sam was the General Merchandising Manager at her store and was in charge of millions of dollars in turnover. She also had 2 little children at the time and was working 60 hours a week. This was the turning point in Sam’s life and the end of her retail career. She’s unstoppable!

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