Rechelle Leahy has her fingers in many pies. She lives in Armidale NSW and launched a fantastic business a few years ago called Regional Collab. Regional Collab essentially helps rural and regional businesses, specifically focused on women, with business strategies and creating financial strategies. Rechelle also does some entrepreneurship training and helps identify and create programs and projects within regional Australia, addressing a particular need for women. Rechelle is also developing a tech platform called “I Decide” which is an online platform for sharing people’s end of life documents. She has a background in palliative care and noticed we all need a safe place to store our documents as well as preparing for the end of life. If that’s not enough, Rechelle also sits on a number of boards including the National Rural Women’s Coalition, the Classification Review Board for movies and video games as well as the Local Landsavers for Northern Tablelands board.

Rechelle has also recently launched “Mentor Walks” in Armidale. Mentor Walks is already established in capital cities however, Rechelle saw a need to launch it in regional Australia. This program is completely funded by the Minister of Mental Health and Women. Rechelle was inspired to set up Regional Collab because she realized through her own experience that the only jobs available were contracting jobs and she wanted to do something that was going to successfully impact the country. She applied for a tender with the Federal Government for regional trials and was successful. So for the last 18 months, Rechelle has been able to help people seek funding for their own projects. Rechelle started her education at boarding school in Armidale and then moved on to a law degree at university. She chose not to become a lawyer and eventually moved to Canberra with her partner and worked in various government departments. They lived in Canberra for 20 years before moving back to regional NSW. Rechelle has experienced many personal hardships including the death of her husband which is the reason why she is so passionate about helping others.

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